How to Order Prescription Medicines

Place order online

If you are a client of Pet Diagnostics

We already have your information and / or we will contact you if needed.

If you are NOT a client of Pet Diagnostics

Mail the original prescription at: 111237 US1, Florida


Have your vet fax/email:


After approval Shipping transit time vary between 24-72 hours

More information

  • Regarding Prescription food heavier than 3.3lbs, Please call direct at 561-842-1505.
  • Regarding multiple pets prescriptions. We cannot ship a 12 month supply of heartworm for 2 dogs. We will have to comply with pharmacy dispensing laws and change the order to two 6 months supllies.
  • Please do not send your prescription trough the fax or email. We are allowed to accept faxes and emails only from your vet office.
  • If you have an original prescription, please mail it to 11237 Us 1, NPB, FL, 33408.